Why do I write in my Genre

Why do I write in my Genre


Ok, so an interesting question this week. As for the answer, well in truth I just don’t like reality. Why should I be bound by the rules of this world when I can change them to whatever I want them to be?

How many of us dreamt we could fly or had superpowers? How many of us has read a book or watched a film and wished we could visit that world? Well that’s exactly what I get to do when I write what I write.

I’m no longer bound to this reality and those that read what I write get to come along for the ride. One second I could be sitting in my cluttered office, with its badly painted walls the next I’m battling the hordes of evil on a blood soaked plain while great bests circle ahead. Or maybe I’m walking through h a forest listening to birds singing while tracking elves, the point is I don’t have to be where my body is, but rather where my mind and heart takes me.

The other side of the coin is a little deeper I guess. For six years I worked among some of the worst types of people, I’ve seen what drugs and alcohol can do to people and how it ruins lives. I’ve seen what’s left of the battered women and abused children. I’ve sat next to people who’ve seen no other way out and even on one who attempted to take that route. And to this day I can still see the patterns of blood over the room, I can still smell it taste it on the air even. I know the feel of a mans pulse as it slows, and how they willingly accept what they’ve done.

Worse yet I’ve seen true evil, not the Saturday morning cartoon type, or even the sensationalized religious type. But true evil, the soulless, remorseless skin crawling evil of someone who truly doesn’t seem to have that integral part that makes us all human.

So sometimes I write to escape from that, and others to make sense or even give some sort of reason to the darker parts of humanity. Because in truth, most of the bad in the world is truly senseless. And when I write It’s not just violence or cruelty for no reason. Heroes can exist in the way’s we all remember form when we were children. They can go through hell and back and somehow survive it all. Rescuing those that need saving with words, actions and magic, and defeating villains who make at least some sort of sense.

In the long run I guess I really write in my genre for me.

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7 thoughts on “Why do I write in my Genre

  1. Crumbs, very emotive piece – most especially and startlingly, the blood on the walls.

    You are obviously passionately connected to your genre and your writing and that can only be a brilliant thing.


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