Flat Earth. Asgard! 

So there’s been some debate lately about whether the earth is actually flat.

Well people I’m here to set the record straight. In truth it matters not, as none of us are actually on earth.

We, and all these who came before us are actually residents of Asgard!

Yes you heard me right, Asgard. We have for many many years now been living under the spell of the trickster Loki, who has as he usually does, decided to cause some mischief.

Is this yet another plot to rule over us all? Probably. But due to how long the spell has been in effect it is now beginning to ware off.

Of course due the this weakening of said enchantment those who are already feeling its effects are suffering under the belief that the earth (Mudguard) is flat. Where in fact they are actually awakening to the truth that we are on Asgard.

Due to this those of us still under the spell now belive them to be crazy and or just plain thick.

But in truth we have begun to awaken.

Do not fight it, do not struggle soon we shall all remember. And have our vengeance against the trickster!!