Late night thoughts. 

OK, so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and a lot has changed since then. I’m now in a job that I love and my life seems to be moving forward and getting better. My relationship with my family has gone from strength to strength and in general I’m much happier. 

But that doesn’t mean that my thoughts never turn to the difficult times. 

Cheif of which are the events that led me to leave my previous job of nearly eight years. 

First a little bit of background. 

I won’t say what the job was, but suffice to say it took me in to some of the darkest parts of humanity. And though it was stressful it wasn’t the reason that I had to leave. 

No, that in the end was caused by two people who seemed to make it their mission to cause me as much pain, heartache and general difficulty as they could. 

On reflection I know I wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with.  But i always maintained that if I ever caused a problem then tell me, and I would apologise. Along side that, I suffered from a sweating problem, and in a closed windowless room which was always hot and airless could cause a literal stink. Coupled with the fact that I have next to no sense of smell it could really make things uncomfortable.

Still I asked people to inform me if there was a problem and I’d go even further to try and remedy it. 

Despite all this two people, I have named the Gruesome Twosome made it their mission to inflict as much pain as they could. 

Usually it would have been small things, a badly made cup of coffee (petty I know, but it was always obvious) all the way to fabricating flat out lies to report to management in order to try and get me fired.

Allegedly I made highly inappropriate comments, that were in truth innuendos of minor consequence. And despite the supposed discomfort that it caused them, they and others would go in to areas of humour ( both personal and otherwise) that I would never dream of with other members of staff.

One even went so far as to state that my disabled child was not actually disabled, (autistic along with a host of other extras for those who a curious. And an absolutely amazing child) but was just a lazy and bad child, and I was apparently nothing more than a scrounger and bad parent.

And so on. 

I had not one but two full break downs, nearly going so far as to cause myself serious harm to get out of work. I fought their false complaints and won each time, I put in a counter complaint against the pair of them but unfortunately the investigation was led by their friend. So despite an enormous amount of evidence and witnesses it was dropped.

I was sent far out of the way for several months to a different post that added over two hours travelling to my day. And when I was informed I was going back to my old area I was told that the Gruesome Twosome would allow me to work there but that they would not interact with me in any other way. Not so bad until you consider we were a team of four on a good day.

Oh and they’d out in yet another complaint against me, that I’d allegedly breached security by not locking the key safe. A dismisable offence. Oddly enough though they were the only ones to have witnessed that. 

That for me was the last straw. 

I soon found a new job and took great satisfaction in handing my notice.

Though they attempted to cause difficulties right till the last day. Actually refusing to let me in to collect my belongings on the final day. Going so far as to get security (run by a completely different company) to refuse me access to do so. And then coming out to refuse me more so. In fact it took the threat of police involvement to get my possessions back. 

It’s been nearly two years since then. And I’ve seen them about, they always look at their feet when they notice me. 

But still I sometimes I think about it, I guess it always comes down to that one question. 


I guess I’ll never know. 

And as to why I’m writing this. Well it a bit of advice I’ve given over and over again to others. 

Writing helps. 

Time to take my own advice.