Still alive.

So it’s been some time, I know I know. I say that every time. But unfortunately that’s the way life seemes to take me. One day I’ll be able to spend lots and lots of time updating this page, amongst other things, but until then I’ll just post whenever I can.

So, what have I been up to? Now there’s a bloody good question. It seemes I’m always on the go. Wether it’s working or chasing the chaos that’s an autistic tornado around, I never really seem to stop. The few moments I have with my jailer ( wife ) seem few and far between. And the even rarer times alone I tend to spend sorting through the rest of the house.

At this very moment in time I’m busy cooking a roast dinner, so I have a few minutes to pen this little piece.

But with all this chaos and craziness I am well and truly happy. My son is coming on in leaps and bounds, surprising everyone he meets.

With the turning of the seasons we’re turning the pitiful concrete yard in to a garden full of fruit and veg, the weirder the better. And even trying to encourage birds to visit with feeders full of tasty treats. Though in all honesty we’re probably just going to end up with a very fat pair of cats.

I finally managed to complete a romantic gesture without being found out. In the form of several new Pandora charms, thinking my self rather clever in doing so. Mind you I chose them from her internet shopping wish list. And then to my surprise she presented me with a truly amazing manual pocket watch, engraved with the dates we met and married. And a mark for each year I’ve served of my life sentence.

Well that’s it for this time, hopefully the next post won’t be so far inbetween.

Do you come through?

So I’ve got a quick question I want to ask everyone creatively inclined.

When you work do you find, despite your best efforts, that somehow your personality appears on the page?

No matter what I write my own peculiar humour seemes to appear. Whether I’m trying to do something light hearted and fun or dark and serious.

In truth I’m probably overly sarcastic and lean towards the darker aspects of humour. I tend to get great enjoyment making my characters suffer, and though that can sometimes help my writing I have to wonder if it can also hinder it.