Okay, so I know I suck at this updating business.

Its been far too long since I’ve actually given you all any content.

(Or as my wife has badgered at me- “Any consistency at all.”)

So this is a quick update to give you all notice.

Blake HQ is getting an overhaul.

In other words as any long suffering married man can attest the wife is now involved…

What does this mean for me?

Organising priority writing, nagging from the wife, giving this page more attention, nagging from the wife, finally getting the office space organised in to a usable writing area, nagging from the wife, a real world blog page to let you in on the man behind the page, nagging from the wife.

Sounds pretty good eh?

In short I’m taking life and time into hand to make a better, more exciting. body of work here for your enjoyment.

Also with a lot of NAGGING FROM THE WIFE!

What does this mean for you?


Yes for anyone who has looked in the long time of my absence, you may have noticed there is a new option added to the top bar. The Fallen.

I will give you more information on that really soon. (I’ll get nagged into it)

But for now I can say I am really excited about this new project. Evil overlord, evil queens, amnesia. Life will really get interested for this new character I’m introducing to you.

November will see some changes happen to the web sight.

As the changes happen I will update you here at the home page.

That’s all I have for you right this second but not for long.

Keep checking back, comments always welcome, and as always I appreciate the support.

(wish me luck I’m about to go get nagged at again.)

Artie x